Auto Gnome is a Self-Directed Education online offerings platform.

We welcome anyone who values Self-Directed Education; the individual right to opt in and out of offerings regardless of age; and the belief in voluntary, mutual-aid based communities.

Upcoming Offerings

Auto Gnome Values & Agreements

By signing up on this platform you agree to the following:

  • Young people’s rights are respected here. Go here for more on this.
  • “Facilitators” and "attendees" are not based on age but rather based on interest and desire to participate. If you want to facilitate an offering you can. If you want to sign-up for an offering you can. Age does not play a role in this.
  • The offerings on Auto Gnome are consent-based. If you are signing up for an offering for your child make sure to get their consent and agreement before doing so.
  • We are committed to intentional and continual anti-oppression work and will not tolerate overt or covert racism and bigotry. Do not bring that here. This community expects everyone to do better and will not tolerate it. Go here for more on the issues of SDE and centering whiteness.
  • We are a consent-based, mutual aid, voluntary community. Please only join if this fits your values.

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Ottimo Massimo, the Auto Gnome